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Space clearings are available for homes, offices, or any space needing a fresh reset. Space Clearings means to clear the space on an energetical level. 

Space Clearings are great to clear any stale or old energy, including energy from past owners of the space. If you are moving into a new home, it is recommended to have the space cleared before you unpack your belongings. By unpacking your things you are adding your energy into the space. If you clear before you unpack, the space is a fresh slate for you to add your energy into. Space clearings can be done as often as the owner feels necessary, or after a shift in the space occurs (ie. renovations, someone moves out/in, etc). 

Space Clearings for homes include clearing every room. This is done by smudging each room (done by burning sage), Reiking the walls to clear old energy and protect the space, Palo Santo is also burned once the space is cleared to add grounding, love and good fortune. 

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*Space clearings are available in the Banff and Canmore, Alberta area only. 

Space Clearings